How Selling your Home to Offerpad Works

Selling your home has never been easier than it is today. For those looking to make a fast sale, there are a plethora of options at their disposal. Rather than listing your home with an agent and going down the traditional route, people now can receive instant cash offers on their house and sell their home within days. One such company that currently buys homes is Offerpad. Like many other companies like it, Offerpad makes selling your home as easy as possible, giving sellers flexibility and providing them with good, clean, and easy service and support. Offerpad currently operates in eight different states.


How selling your home with Offerpad works


Offerpad began in 2015 and since has helped tons of homeowners sell their home and successfully move. The process works in just 6 easy steps. First, the seller provides Offerpad with a summary of the property they wish to sell. This includes the address, details of the home, upgrades, and current condition along with any photos (photos are not necessary but are highly encouraged). 


Next, once Offerpad receives your home description, it reviews it, uses its own algorithm while taking several other things into account to create your offer. Overall, this process takes just 24 hours. Upon completion, your offer will be sent to you.


The third step is to review your offer. Once the offer is submitted to the buyer, they have a chance to review everything included.. 


After that, the seller is able to quickly sign all the necessary documents online. Offerpad will send you the purchase contract and should it be to the seller’s satisfaction, simply sign online, and the deal will officially be under contract.


Following the signing of the documentation, Offerpad performs an inspection of your home to verify the information included in the initial description. Once that is completed, all that is left is the closing. At the closing, Offerpad pays the agreed upon price to purchase your home. After that, you’re free to move on into the next phase of your life.


Other amenities


Additional services included with the offer range from free local moves and totally flexible closing dates to extended stays after your close. With Offerpad’s Extended Stay Program, you are allowed to stay in your house for up to 3 days after the sale. This saves homeowners the usual chaos of having to close and move on the same day. Sellers have until 7 pm on the third day to be complete vacated from the house. For example, if the closing occurs on the 3rd, the seller has until 7 pm on the 6th to vacate.


Another feature is their Free Move Program. Once your house in under contract with an offer from Offerpad, the moving company will contact you to set up a moving date (the date can be rescheduled if needed). The move is free anywhere within 50 miles, and Offerpad will pay the moving company directly. The only additional costs required are anything you and the moving company agree to prior to the move such as additional insurance. On the day of the 


How buying a home with Offerpad works


Buying a home with Offerpad is as easy as selling. Currently they have listed homes for sale in; Phoenix, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Tampa, Charlotte, and Dallas among others. Their goal is to remove the stress and hassle associated with the traditional methods of buying a home and making it as easy and stress free as possible.


With Offerpad’s Instant Access, prospective buyers can browse from hundreds of homes in their local area quick and easy with no agent required. Buyer’s are paired with their own transaction managers to help guide them through the entire process. Offerpad takes care of the entire process and provides flexibility with move in dates to accommodate your schedule. The goal is to sell you a home quickly without hassle and without the need to involve agents and go through endless paperwork and agent fees. 


Viewing a house is easy through their instant access service. Homes are available for viewing between 6 am and 11 pm local time, simply arrive at the house and the instructions for viewing will be there for you at the door when you show up. 


Does it really work?

In just 5 years, Offerpad has purchased thousands of homes from homeowners, offering fair market value prices. People who are in a bind with their home or are just looking to make a quick sale with as little hassle as possible find Offerpad to be among the best services to go through. Their customer service is personable and previous clients boast of the swiftness and professionalism of the process.



These days more and more organizations such as Offerpad are popping up and growing in a wide range of areas. One such company is Value Cash Offers. Offerpad currently is not operating in Illinois. For those in Illinois looking to sell quickly and receive an instant cash offer on their property, VCO is the place to go. Value Cash Offer provides people with a quick and easy way to sell their home. Selling a house is not an easy process, especially when you’re trying to sell your home fast. Value Cash Offer makes the process as easy as possible. Value Cash Offer walks their clients through the entire process and provides them with direct assistance throughout. 


VCO will buy your home in any condition and under any circumstances. Whether your need to move quickly for work related reasons, have a bad mortgage, fire damage, mold, etc., VCO will give you a cash offer and buy your home as is. With zero closing costs, sellers can take the full offer with no hassles or extraneous fees. Selling a house can take up to 3-5 months using the traditional method of finding an agent, listing the house, staging it and doing any repairs necessary. Using Value Cash Offer, sellers can receive an offer and cash out fully within 7 days. For those in Illinois looking to sell quickly, Value Cash Offer is the best option. 

Selling Your Home to a Cash Buyer vs. A Real Estate Agent

Selling your home can be a time-consuming and difficult task as there are many factors to consider. One thing to considers is whether or not you are interested in selling your home to a cash buyer or professional buyer in order to receive quick payment and get the process over with as fast as possible. However, while cash buyers and professional buyers operate similarly, they have several differences that you should be aware of.



Cash Buyers vs. Professional Buyers

While not all cash buyers can be considered professional buyers, all professional buyers can be considered cash buyers.

More specifically, a cash buyer might just be a person who makes sporadic one-off investments in property. This person may not make a living through flipping houses and is likely just trying to make quick cash. A cash buyer could also be someone who plans to purchase a home to live in and offers cash in order to complete the transaction quickly.


On the other hand, professional buyers are individuals who have made a career out of investing in and flipping properties. These professionals are generally more reliable, safer to deal with, and will offer a more fair price for your home. 

While this is a general idea of the differences between cash buyers and professional home buyers, there are more details to consider.



Selling Your Home As-Is

One of the reasons you might choose to sell your home to a cash or professional buyer is to avoid having to make costly renovations and repairs. 

Professional buyers will be more willing and able to purchase your home as-is because they will likely have with insurance companies and construction companies. This allows them to save money when renovating your house before reselling. 


Meanwhile, cash buyers will typically request that you make certain renovations to your home before offering to purchase it from you. As such, even if a cash buyer offers you more money than the professional buyer, you might end up making less overall.



Purchase Price

If you choose to sell your home for cash, you probably understand that you will receive less than if you went through a realtor. However, cash buyers will likely offer you even less than you expected. These buyers are often inexperienced and try to purchase for extremely low prices to allow room for error.


Professional buyers might still offer you less than expected, but you should remember that selling your home for cash saves you from expenses such as real estate commission, repair costs, appraisal costs, and inspections.



Time to Sell

Professional home buyers typically have a long history of purchasing and flipping houses. As a result, they are able to quickly assess how much a home is worth, how much they will have to spend on repairs, and how long it will take to sell. Professional buyers will often be able to close in as little as a week.

Meanwhile, inexperienced cash buyers may take much longer as they take their time to fully evaluate the situation and weigh their options.

If you plan on selling your home for cash rather than going through a real estate agent, you should be sure to evaluate the reputation of any prospective buyers to ensure that you are getting as good a deal as possible.